What You Need To Know About A Home Test Kit For Gonorrhea

Accurate home testing for STDs

In the changing world, we are living in today, it right to keep yourself aware of the sexually transmitted diseases, STDs. The best way to do this by using home test kits for gonorrhea to examine the health of some of your reproductive organs. Most STDs are bacterial infections, especially gonorrhea. People contract these diseases through sexual contact with infected partners. You can also contract gonorrhea when you come in connection with the fluid from eyes of an infected person.

What are some of the symptoms of gonorrhea?

When one contracts with gonorrhea, they start to display specific signs and symptoms. These symptoms manifest within the first ten days after being in contact with Neisseria gonorrhea, the causative agent of the STD. In some people, the symptoms may fail to show even after long periods of contracting the disease.

These symptoms include discharge of thick fluids from the vagina for women and penis for men. The patients also tend to feel pain when discharging urine. They are also likely to experience bloating as well as itching of their private parts. For infected women, they do suffer abnormal menstrual cycles with heavy bleeding.

What kind of specimen do you use for the test?

The invention of home test kits for gonorrhea has made it easy to use urine as one of the critical specimens for the test. However, one can also collect a swab from the urethra for men and cervix for women. The kits, therefore, isolate the bacterial cultures from the resulting colonies. According to research findings, use of swabs as the specimen is more efficient compared to urine tests.

How useful is a home test kit for gonorrhea?

These kits come in different types such that stores can never run out of stock. The packages come as collection and test kits. The tests are quick and accurate for it only takes one about 15 minutes to get the results. All home test kits have the certification of the USAID, WHO, FDA and some have the approval of the CDC. Therefore, the chances of getting inaccurate results are nil.

What the advantages of performing STDs tests at home?

You get to enjoy your privacy without having to get the results from a clinical officer or a doctor if you opt for a lab test in a hospital. With that, you do not have to be ashamed of telling your symptoms to any medical practitioner. It is also convenient since you can test for the STD at your own chosen time. The chances of getting accurate results are high too.

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