STDs Are Increasing Because Most Americans Are Sexually Active & Have Multiple Partners

Nowadays, it is hard to find virgins. By 21 years, most Americans are already sexually active. According to studies, only 13% of males and 12% of females over 21 years are virgins.

People start having sex at an early age and most of them do not practice safe sex. That is why STD cases are increasing. In the last year, over 78% of Americans had sex.

• Many Americans are having sex regularly, even thou they are not in a relationship.

• Many people have multiple sexual partners and some do not even care to use protection. That has increased STD cases.

• Colleges are hookup taverns. Most students are engaging in unsafe sex with more than one sexual partner.

What Percentage of the Population Has an STD?

In the US, over 20% of the population has an STD. America has the highest rate of STI infections in the industrialized world.

Over 50% of youths will get an STD before reaching 25 years. Teenagers as young as 12 years have STIs. More than twenty percent of high school girls have an STI.

The 7 Most Common STDs

They are syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, hepatitis B, HPV, HIV, and Chlamydia. According to the most current data, over 1.7 million Americans have Chlamydia. It is the most common STD.

Most STDs are Curable but Only with Early Treatment

Like most diseases, the most effective treatment for an STD is early treatment. Delays will make the situation to deteriorate to the point where treatment will be impossible. As an STD advances, it will weaken your immunity. That will predispose you to other diseases. Some STIs can cause infertility when left untreated.

The Main Challenge Is Identifying an STD Early

That is because most of them can take months or even years to show symptoms. Therefore, your best bet is testing regularly. If you have a busy schedule, you will not have the time to undergo regularly STD hospital tests. Such tests also lack privacy since someone else will know your test result.

The best option is STD home testing because of its privacy, confidentiality, convenience, and affordability. To know more about Chlamydia home testing, you should visit

You can purchase a home test kit that will only test for Chlamydia. Alternatively, you can opt for one that will test for all the major STIs.

The Bottom-Line

If you are a sexually active person, you should always have STD home test kits. With this, you can test for STDs at any time. The test will take less than a minute.

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